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5 Apps for Next Level Content Creation

The social landscape is changing, but one thing will probably always be true: content is king.

…But that’s not to say that it can’t sometimes be overwhelming. With so many different publishing platforms out there, knowing where to start can be challenging, and creating enough high-quality content to fill your calendar can seem nearly impossible. Luckily, there are tons of great apps that can help get your content strategy off to the right start, and most of them are available right within your mobile device. Keep reading about 5 apps for next level content creation.


Want to create social media graphics, presentations, or PDF’s? Canva has got you covered. This app is available on mobile and desktop, and has several amazing free features including access to a library of free stock photos, fun fonts, and endless color options. Pay a bit more for more designs and exporting options, or to create teams. Canva is a must-have for any business owner or social media manager who is looking to get creative with content!


Instagram Stories are great, but creating compelling content for them can be challenging. Since Instagram Stories are displayed in a vertical format, most traditional video editing apps don’t translate well, and opening up a bulky piece of software isn’t always logical. But now, there’s Unfold. Unfold allows you to layer together photos and videos in multiple different formats, add text, and upload directly to Instagram Stories. All of the compositions are in vertical format, so no need to resize or worry about image compression.


We can’t all be expert video editors… but it’s no secret that video is huge on social (and has no plans to slow down anytime soon.) If you want to test the waters of video creation before investing in training or hiring an editor, Quik is a great place to start. Created by the people at GoPro, Quik helps you make social-ready videos in the palm of your hand through their mobile app. Easily add music, text, and video effects to any video you have available on your phone. You can also export the footage in a variety of orientations, from square to standard 16:9, and even vertical formats. The best part? It’s free.


Evernote has been around for awhile and may not be the most exciting app out there, but it sure is useful. If you create written content like blogs, whitepapers, or ebooks, you probably know that inspiration often strikes you randomly. With the Evernote app, you can capture thoughts as they pop into your head, whether it’s on the subway, in the deli aisle, or at your kid’s basketball game. Conveniently organize your notes by notebook and access them on tons of different devices. No need to carry around your hard drive or email documents to yourself — they’re all in the cloud!


If Photoshop is too pricey or daunting for you to learn, know that you’re not alone. Even still, editing photographs is important before posting them. Sometimes it’s just adjusting the orientation, brightening it up, or throwing an artistic filter on it. Editing doesn’t have to be scary, and Afterlight is user-friendly and sleek. The basic version of the mobile app has everything you need to make your photos pop, and there are plenty of upgrade-able features like filters and advanced editing tools.

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