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How to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Recent algorithm changes have many of us scratching our heads when it comes to Facebook. In case you missed some of the biggest social news of the year, organic reach is declining, with some pages reaching less than 2% of their followers. So how do you combat it?

We’ll cover how to boost engagement on your Facebook page in this article.

What is Reach?

Simply put, reach refers to the number of newsfeeds your Facebook page content gets into. Reach for individual posts varies by a number of factors including type of content (image, video, link, text, etc.), relevance of the post, and virality – or how much the piece of content is shared. For example, it is possible (and common) to have more page fans than number of people reached. This is one reason repurposing content is a great idea, because it’s rare that your entire audience actually sees every one of your posts.

Although declining reach is a huge topic of discussion lately, the truth is that this is not a new phenomenon. Facebook’s goal is to make the platform a place for connection, and one where users are surrounded by content they enjoy seeing. This is why personal pages tend to reach more people than business pages that often focus on promotions rather than connectedness.

What is Engagement?

Engagement refers to the number of actions performed on Facebook Page. This includes likes, comments, clicks, and shares. These metrics are important for two major reasons: first, they can help drive conversions via Facebook. Users who share your post are essentially introducing your business to their friends, and users who click are being brought to your website. From there, the possibilities are endless: you can retarget them, get them to opt-in to an email list, or convert them into a customer. Second, they help communicate to Facebook that your page is interesting and relevant. The algorithm takes into account the number of quality engagements your page gets in order to determine which content to prioritize in the feed.

In short, engagement and reach work closely together. When one lags, the other often does too. But don’t let that discourage you, because the same can be said for increases. Keep reading for ways to increase engagement on your Facebook page… and improve your reach, too.

Boost It

You probably already know that you can boost reach and engagement on your Facebook Page by paying for ads. But did you know that there are things you can do to encourage engagement organically, too?

  • Create good content. We know this should go without saying, but posting nothing but salesy links or spammy posts is a great way to decline your reach and engagement even further. Think about what value you’re offering to people’s lives when you post, and spend time carefully curating each one. We know selling is a must, so why don’t you try letting a chatbot do some of that work for you?
  • Learn from your analytics. Facebook Insights offers valuable information. Get in the habit of checking it weekly and analyzing the results. Check out the Audience tab to know what time of day is the best for you to post, and take a peek at what your top performing posts are so you can recreate success in future posts. Some of them may surprise you!
  • Be conversational. The truth is, people love to talk about themselves, and they’re often more willing to open up to you than you’d think. The problem is, many people forget the social part of social media in their strategy — even though it’s arguably the most important! Ask your page followers questions, respond to every comment they leave, and turn on reviews so you can get their feedback. All of their interactions count as engagement, boosting you up in the algorithm with each post.

Have you noticed a drop in reach and/or engagement? We’d love to hear what you’re doing to combat it!


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