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How This Fitness Bot Got To 100K Users With Zero Paid Advertising

This case study is based on a chatbot campaign built and run by Austin Witte (Founder & CEO of Blur Media & Fit N Simple)

We are back again with another case study and this time it’s for a bot with over 100k subscribers.

We bet you want to know how the creator of this bot grew his subscriber base to such a large number.

Well, we had him spill his secrets so you too can go ahead and grow + monetize your bot without spending money on paid ads.

Purpose of the Fit N Simple bot

The Fit N Simple bot serves many purposes but the backbone of this Messenger bot is delivering free daily workouts to 100,000+ active subscribers.

Ultimately, the goal is to educate, motivate, and inspire half a million people each day to live a more fulfilled life. 

Fit N Simple plans to become a central fitness hub for those who want results fast and this was achieved on a massive scale thanks to the chatbot.

You can check out the bot here.

The big problem this bot solves

Staying focused on health goals is a daily struggle for many people around the world.

The Fit N Simple chatbot takes the guesswork out of the equation by providing subscribers with access to daily workouts, meal plans, macro-nutrient calculators, exercise tutorials, and interactive quizzes.

By using a series of conditions to determine the best match product, users get useful information at their fingertips (literally!)

If there were to do a google search, it could take them hours to find the same information that the bot delivers instantly.

In short, the Fit N Simple bot lets users know exactly how many calories they need to eat to reach their fitness goal, instantly generate a workout or exercise based on keywords, and so much more!

Killer results of the bot

The results have been pretty epic so far. The Fit N Simple bot was launched on October 1st, 2017 using a similar Ref URL on an Instagram Story.

Fast forward 8.5 months through all the growing pains and 1,000’s of bot development work – we officially passed 100,000 active subscribers on June 12th, 2018.



Growth started pretty slow with time, the active user base grew since people were sharing the bot and quizzes with friends.

The creators also launched the bot on the Messenger Discover tab and quickly captured a Top 5 slot in Health & Fitness which helped us gain more exposure.

Also, the average open/click-through rates for broadcast messages have also been very impressive.  Below is the campaign stats they sent out to a segment of their subscribers.



Also, below are the amazing stats from two of  their flows, namely the Physique Builder And Supplement Guide.


Chatbot open clickthrough rates 3

How the bot garnered 100k subscribers

The creators if the bot tested every growth method including unconventional ones that people haven’t used previously. 

The most successful methods for growth that they noticed include using the Ref URL (tutorial for setting this up is at the bottom of this article) on Instagram Stories along with the Discover section of Messenger.

So, if you are yet to try one of these two methods, we highly recommend you do so!

How they make money with the bot

It doesn’t matter how good your bot is, if you are using it for business then you need to be able to leverage it to create a revenue stream.

Here’s how the Fit N Simple bot is monetized:

1- It starts off by offering free daily workouts, macro-nutrient calculators and physique builder quizzes.

2- After nurturing they subscribers with all the freebies, they are then directed to a paid product (Epic Daily Workouts.)

This is a membership site with a lucrative price tag – $5 for the monthly plan whilst the annual plan is $45.

As you can see below, the conversion rates are great since a lot of users end up joining the membership site as paid customers.


Chatbot open clickthrough rates 2


As you can tell from the simple process above, a bot makes a great nurturing tool to build the like, know and trust factor of your audience which is crucial to get them to invest in your paid stuff.

How to create your own bot using MSGHero

Okay, it’s now time for a quick tutorial on how you too can setup your very own bot and start nurturing your audience right away.

Step #1

Log into your MSGHero account or sign up here if you are new.

Step #2 Create a welcome message

Your welcome message is what people will get whenever they try to message your business page or click on your Ref URL.

You want to offer clear options that can help them take the next step depending on what they need help with.

To setup a welcome message, click  on “Create” and you will see the “Welcome message” option.



Select the name of the page you want to hook the bot to and go ahead and type a greeting for first-time users.

Next, you need to provide your subscribers with options to lead them to the next step. In this example, we offered a calorie counter and 5-minute workout link that takes them to a website.

You can simply add another message with more buttons to further narrow down their choices. You can also add videos right inside the bot so users don’t have to leave and can access content inside Messenger.

Once you have completed the whole flow, click publish to deploy the bot to your page.


Step # 3 Promote your bot with a Ref URL

Once you are happy with your bot, it’s time to spread the word. By using a special Ref URL, you can link directly to the bot on your social media profiles, in emails or even blog posts.

To get this Ref URL, click on the “Grow” menu option and then click on “Reference URL”


On the next page, click on add new Ref URL and select your page plus give the campaign a name.

Once that is done, a new page will open up. Here you can type a special message if it’s for a specific purpose or simply select the box that says send welcome message. You can also select any time series or tags you want to add to this campaign.

You will see the link to Ref Url to your left, copy that link and share anywhere you want. Anytime someone clicks on it, they will receive a message from your bot.

One more thing, make sure to hit publish to activate the campaign.


Set Up Your Own Bot Today, Free.

Sign up for a free MSGHero trial here so you can also start using Facebook Messenger bots to sell more!

We hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share with any fitness experts you know who might find it useful.

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