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5 Ways to Increase Conversions on YouTube

Video marketing is the cool kid in class right now, and it seems like everyone is working on a strategy. And although video is everywhere – from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn, YouTube is still the most obvious choice. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, and offers tons of capabilities that the other guys just don’t have yet.

If you’re thinking about diving in but just aren’t sure if your hard work will pay off, this article is for you. Keep reading for five ways to increase conversions on YouTube.

Improve SEO

If you want to make sales, people have to find you first. Discoverability is a key part of developing your strategy, and just like links crawled by Google, content published to YouTube should be optimized for search.

Most YouTube experts recommend using long-tail keywords in your tags, (i.e. ‘how to make a sandwich’ vs. ‘sandwich’, ‘how to’, and ‘recipe’.) You should also always avoid clickbait, as tempting as it may be. The more descriptive your tags are of your actual content, the more likely you’re going to attract the right kinds of viewers; viewers that might actually end up buying your stuff. Clickbait is also highly frowned upon and can result in penalties against your channel.

Reference URL

MSGHero‘s Reference URL is a Growth Tool that allows you to create a hyperlink that leads users to a conversation with your chatbot. This URL can be pasted anywhere, but we think it’s particularly powerful on YouTube.

Simply instruct users to click the link in your description box to learn more about the topic in your video, to ask you questions, or to send you feedback. Once they do so, they’ll become a Messenger subscriber, allowing you to communicate with them anytime you’d like. Reference URL’s are also great, because they’re trackable links that allow you to take note of where people are coming to your bot from. If you notice that no one’s clicking on your links, you may want to adjust your delivery strategy or place it higher up in the description box.

Offer a Freebie

People love free stuff. And if they’re watching your YouTube videos, they probably feel like you bring some sort of value to their lives. A great way to get your viewers to act on that is by offering them a freebie to take the conversation a step further. Doing so enables you to capture their information in exchange for a download or digital product.

Now don’t be afraid of the term ‘freebie’; this doesn’t have to be overly complicated or time-consuming. eBooks, PDF’s, checklists, or even bonus videos are all great things to give away. Plus – why not combine the powers of your Reference URL with your freebie? That makes the whole process seamless and automated.

Utilize Cards

YouTube has made some great creator-centric advancements in these past few years, and one of our favorites is Cards. Cards make your videos interactive and allow you to display different call-to-actions throughout your videos.

Depending on your account and video type, you’re able to add polls, donation buttons, link, video, or channel cards to videos. The best part is you can copy and paste placements of these from one video to the next so you’re not scrambling to paste your links in week after week. This is a great option for getting people off of the YouTube platform and onto your email list or over to your website.

Pin a Comment

Lastly, why not pin a comment to the top? Doing so enables your comment to stick to the top of the comments section of a video, always appearing front and center to new visitors.

Whether it’s a great customer testimonial or a link to your landing page or chatbot, pinning the link to the comments section ensures that it will be seen by new users, and offers you the ability to take advantage of the prime real estate that is the comments section.

What are you doing to increase conversions on YouTube? We’re excited about these new features and hope that you are, too!


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