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One Tip That Tripled Our Facebook Messenger Marketing Subscribers

The biggest problem with growing a messenger marketing subscriber list with Facebook comments, is that a subscriber is not generated until they reply to your initial message.


You know, when someone comments on one of your posts or ads, and you can automatically message them?


Most people NEVER respond to this initial message and you lose 70-80% of your subscribers. What a waste of time and money.


Problem Solved! We found a way to literally triple the amount of leads and subscribers we get from our Messenger Marketing, and it’s so freakin’ simple, we can’t believe we didn’t think of it months ago.


Not only did it triple our subscribers, it helped us engage with our leads more, start conversations, and stretch our ad spend.


In this video, we dive into the EXACT strategy, and even go over a LIVE example of it working (you’ll love this).


Want to get your first Facebook messenger marketing campaign off the ground?


Get started with MSGHero, it’s easy and free. You’ll be setup in 2 steps.


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