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The “Open Gate” Lead Generation Technique: Get Better Leads & Cheaper Ads With This Unique Strategy

Are you looking for innovative ways to generate leads for your business?

What about ways to get HIGH-QUALITY leads… not just ‘any’ lead?

And what about getting CHEAPER ad costs in the process?

If that sounds exciting, you’re about to learn exactly how to do that.

We call it the “Open Gate” technique, and all you need is a FREE tool and a piece of content (blog post or video).

Traditional Lead Gen

Nothing groundbreaking here….

For as long as the internet has existed, the preferred form of lead gen has been.

Ad > Landing Page > Opt-in.

Nothing wrong with that formula, because it works.

BUT… there are a few issues.

  1. Ad networks (Facebook, Google, etc) are kind of souring on this type of marketing. It takes users OFF their platforms, and requires users to provide an email before they receive any content.
  2. Your target audience has likely been to so many landing pages. This means they may be less likely to opt-in to your freebie, no matter how good it is.
  3. Ad costs may be higher, because networks do look at stats like bounce rate, etc. If they see a poor user experience, your costs may rise.
  4. Finally… this strategy is a QUANTITY game. Get the most amount of leads you can, regardless of the quality

Introducing the “Open Gate” Lead Generation Technique

So what if we could solve all these problems in one swoop?

Market in a way that:

  • Ad networks find beneficial and helpful to their users.
  • Your target audience finds compelling and useful.
  • Lowers ad cost, due to increased engagement.
  • All while generating the highest-quality leads possible?

That’s exactly what the “Open Gate” strategy does.

In short, here’s how it works…

Instead of gating your content right away, you leave it freely open.

So if you’re running traffic to a lead magnet, you actually run traffic to the lead magnet (NOT the opt-in page).

If you’re running traffic to a webinar or VSL, you actually run the traffic to the video (NOT the opt-in page).

I know you’re super confused right now.

If you just run traffic directly to these pages, you don’t capture the lead.

Ahh… that’s where the free tool comes into play my friend.

MSGLock: A seamless way for your prospects to opt-in to either your email or Messenger subscriber list while they’re consuming your concept (instead of before, or after).

Here’s how it works:

  1. You drive traffic to your asset (lead magnet, blog post, video).
  2. MSGLock allows you to pick a spot within the lead magnet, blog post, video that gates any further content.
  3. This allows someone to be engaged with your content PRIOR to asking them to opt-in.
  4. They love the content, want to see the rest, so they willingly opt in.

And the result?

So imagine you drive traffic directly to a 20 minute video.

People LOVE the fact that they aren’t required to opt-in ahead of time.

They just click an ad and BOOM, the video is on the next page.

No friction.

They start watching and they’re loving the content.

About 8 minutes, right at a juicy point of the video, they get a notification:

“To continue watching the video, please enter your best email.”

(Note: You can ask them to subscribe via Messenger as well.)

If they aren’t diggin’ the video, fine, no problem, you saved yourself from a bad lead.

But if they are, and they’ve been watching for 8 minutes, now you have a very high-quality lead.

There are soooo many benefits to using the “Open Gate” technique!

Try it Yourself For FREE

We’ve let some higher-level marketers try MSGLock, and here’s a sample of what they’re saying:

For a limited-time, we’ve made MSGLock free to the general public.

This means you can get the tool completely free (no catch).

We aren’t sure how long we’ll be doing this, but you can get access by signing up below:

Here’s to higher-quality leads and lower ad costs :).

To your success,

Jeremy Salem & Brad Stephens

Co-Founders of Social Panda, MSGHero, MSGLock & More.


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