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The New Way to Get More Leads & Sales with FB Ads

How One Blog Post Brought Me 1000 New Email Subscribers and $12,638 in Revenue If you’ve managed an online business for a while, you’ve probably come across expressions like Content is KING… The money’s in the list… The reason you hear them so often is they are true. You need great content to reach your …

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My Daily Facebook Ads Routine

Wondering how we check our ads on a daily basis, and what to look out for?   We created a video just for you…     Want to automate your Facebook ads & Shopify analytics and leave spreadsheets in the dust?   Click here to get realtime automated analytics for your Facebook ads with Shoptimizer…   …

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How to Do Ninja Facebook Ad Targeting Research

Lots of people struggle with Facebook ad targeting research, but you don’t have to! In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to do super easy targeting/interest research with our Social Spy software. We’ll show you 3 ways to find great interests in just a few minutes. You can get access to Social Spy for a free trial by clicking HERE. (or …

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Niche Research Strategies for Facebook Advertising

Building a marketing campaign on Facebook requires careful consideration of your audience, from buying habits to demographics. These factors play a vital role in creating the most effective method to reach your target consumer. Given the available specificity through Facebook’s litany of categories and sub-categories, you can identify new pockets of target consumers that you …

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How Do I Segment My Facebook Ad Campaigns?

No two clients are alike, therefore no two marketing campaigns should be either. Advertising agencies realize that a smart and effective campaign incorporates the range of variables each client brings to the table. The size of the organization, the resources at their disposal, and their intended goals and objectives are unique for each client.   …

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When Do I Give Up on a Facebook Ad?

Facebook has recently turned into a mecca of online advertising. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that they have nearly a billion and a half users and more than 900 million daily visitors. That’s a mouthwatering meal in and of itself when it comes to marketing a business.   However, it probably …

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We Hate the Old School Way of Retargeting

There’s nothing worse than spending your time, money, and energy on creating advertising only to have consumers click through to your site, browse products, and even go so far as to put items into a shopping cart only to abandon your site without explanation. In some cases, they’re just window shopping, so to speak.   …

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