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How to Get Your Facebook Account Banned

These Two Triggers Will Get Your Facebook Account Banned   One of the best ways to get your Facebook account banned is through your Facebook ads.   Yes, that’s right. Facebook ads.   What might look like a simple process is not as straight forward as it seems. You might think your ad is harmless …

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The Complete Affiliate Marketing Facebook Strategy

Affiliate marketing on Facebook can often be seen as a “grey area”. Not knowing whether something is allowed within Facebook’s strict Terms of Service, struggling to find the right products to promote, what type of ad to run for affiliate marketing, ad images, copy etc. You get the idea.   It’s daunting.   We decided …

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Are You Messing Up Your Landing Pages?

I think we can all agree that driving traffic (especially if paid traffic) from any source to a page that doesn’t convert is literally setting money on fire…   What’s the point in sending traffic to a page that isn’t generating leads or sales for your business?   That’s the end goal, right?   Today …

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10 Lessons Learned From 10,000 Customers

This is something different compared to what we usually post on Social Panda. This blog post doesn’t really have much to do with Facebook marketing specifically. With that being said, I’m going to explain to you how I acquired my first 10,000 customers for my software business, how I expanded and the lessons I learned …

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